VOICE DESIGN 沃思设计,是由一支多专业、多层次设计师组成的复合型设计团队,能提供从策略研究、规划、建筑、景观设计至现场指导的全程服务。作为一支富有经验和高效的团队,我们有足够的资源来胜任各个领域、各种类型的设计项目。 VOICE DESIGN 沃思设计的主要设计师长期在境外知名设计公司工作,近年来作为主创设计师或项目负责人先后为万科、中信、华侨城、悦榕庄等国内外知名发展商提供服务并建立了良好的合作关系。


VOICE DESIGN 沃思设计坚信设计创造价值,我们帮助客户成功!

VOICE DESIGN is a composite design team which is constitute by a multi-disciplinary, multi-level designer team. We provided a full service include strategy, planning, architecture, landscape design and on-site guidance. As an experienced and efficient design team we have enough resources to be competent in all areas, all types of design projects.
The main designers in VOICE DEDIGN are all from the internationally renowned design company. In recent years, we provide services and establish a good working relationship with Vanke Group、CITIC Group、OCT Group and Banyan Tree.
Numerous number of well-known clients,diverse types of projects and a wealth of experience--- We can easily deal with all types and styles of the project. We are good at excavating the resource endowment of the project to create unique products.
VOICE DESIGN convinced that design create value, we help our customers succeed!